About Us

About Us

Hitch RV, located in Turnersville, NJ is a respected retailer of Skyline Homes Park Models. We offer beautifully crafted park models to the cities of Turnersville and surrounding areas. The park models that we feature use only the highest-quality materials in construction and the pride that we take in offering only the finest park models shows throughout the purchasing process. Feel free to give us a call at any time; our staff is always here to answer any questions that you may have and will help you find your dream park model.

Skyline Homes Park Models

Skyline Homes Park Models is one of the top park model manufacturers in the nation. The park models movement is a social and architectural movement in which individuals are attempting to simplify their lifestyles by living in small homes. Although these homes are generally under 400 square feet, their interiors are as luxurious as can be. Given increased housing costs across the nation, the choice to live in a park model is becoming a more popular one. Many individuals are making the switch to park models, largely as a result of economic troubles, but this does not negate the fact that that living in a smaller house gives a person the ability to live a larger life, free from debt.

15-Month Warranty

Skyline Homes Park Models' warranty provides you with true peace-of-mind when you purchase a new park model. Manufacturing defects reported to Skyline within 15 months after original retail delivery by an authorized dealer will be corrected without charge. It’s our way of showing our customers how much we believe in the quality we build into every Skyline park model.


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What They Say About Us

All of the contractors did a fantastic job, from setting and finishing the park model, installing the custom flooring, block and concrete work, and the final landscaping. You and your team provided experience and expertise to resolve all of our issues and were a great help throughout the project. Thank you!

Barry C.